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I bought a Canon DSLR about six months ago in preparation for my road trip, but only recently decided to actually learn how to use it. I just finished a digital photography class up in Kenosha where I learned damn near everything there is to learn about my camera and couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. My love of photography is burning hotter than ever before and I can’t wait for opportunities to get out and take pictures (Ed, I think you need new photos for your website. Again.).

One of the subjects that a classmate brought up was HDR which I’m dying to play around with. First chance I get, I’m going to get out and put some of my ideas to the test. Results will be posted here for shits and grins.

And as soon as I’m done reading a fabulous first novel for a friend, my other hobby will take the main stage again when I blow the dust off of a three-year-old manuscript. Fun times ahead to be sure.

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