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We had 8 trees total brought down. Apparently, the guy was running a “Bring Down 7 Trees, The 8th Is Free” deal or some shit. I appreciate the cost savings, but hate the end result.


Thanks, Emerald Ash Borers

The tree that was in the foreground there had a squirrel nest in it. When they brought down the trunk, the mother squirrel jumped out and ran like hell. The cutting crew found two babies and moved them to the side of the house and the mother came back for them later.

Speaking of the crew – these guys were top notch. I’d recommend them to anyone. Unfortunately, I’ll be having them back to deal with more ash trees.

This sucks.

Down They Come

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I sometimes forget this little digital pit of whatever exists… For the one or two people who still check in here and AREN’T pissed off at me, have a post.

Last summer I found Emerald Ash Borers floating in our pool. Which was the worst thing in the world to find since most of our trees are ash. After consulting with an arborist, we learned we were well and good FUCKED. All of our ash trees were goners. Eventually they all have to come down.


My mortal enemy. Burn in Hell, bastard.

Fast forward to last Tuesday. We had high winds whip through the area, and one of the ash trees came down. Thankfully, it only took out a section of my fence and left a mess in my neighbors backyard, but even the minimal amount of damage lit a fire under my ass. I’m having the seven worst, and most dangerous, trees cut down. After tomorrow my yard is going to look drastically different.

When we found this house, one of the things we fell in love with was the wooded lot, so having to engage in the wholesale deforestation of our property is devastating. The trees gave our little plot of land character as well as shade, both of which will be sorely missed.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go hug my trees and say goodbye.

When Homeownership Excitement Wears Off

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This past weekend, the excitement of living in an awesome house, with an awesome backyard, in an awesome neighborhood, turned into “Just throw me in a tank full of hungrier than fuck sharks after stabbing me in the ass several times with a fork”.

We had a good storm roll through the area and during the best of the sideways-falling rain, my lovely wife ran out to the garage to tell me we had a serious problem. And we did… because light fixtures are most assuredly NOT supposed to leak water onto your floor.

And that’s when the excitement wears off – when the two-year old roof on your house leaks and you spend a couple of hours tearing soaking wet insulation out of your attic.

And fiberglass itches like a motherfucker. That is all.

My Backyard

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This is what I get to see every morning while making coffee:

Why yes, yes, that is a rather large picture. The better for you to see the awesomeness that is my backyard.


What A Wild Ride

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It’s been almost ten months since I’ve been here and what a crazy ten months it’s been.

In the last ten months life has drastically changed for the good and I couldn’t be happier. I married the woman of my dreams. We bought a house. We’ve adjusted to our new reality and life together. Well, we’re still adjusting to life together, but that’s moving along without any craziness. I’ve never been so happy in my life!

Well, except maybe for that one time I got the exact toy that I wanted in my Happy Meal… I kid, I kid!

I have now achieved almost everything that I ever wanted to in my life and it feels great. Once I’ve become a best-selling author and invented cold fusion, my bucket list will be completed.

Here’s to the rest of life!