The Twelve Days of School

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Here’s my little jingle celebrating the new school year. I didn’t completely break it down by verse, but I’m sure you can figure out how it goes…

On the twelfth day of school, my district gave to me…

Twelve misconfigured clients,
Eleven emergency texts,
Ten frantic phone calls,
Nine tangled cables,
Eight crappy Dells,
Seven closed out tickets,
Six imaged iMacs,
Five MAP testing servers,
Four stupid questions,
Three pissed off co-workers,
Two pissy attitudes,
And a hijacked mail account!

Counting Down!

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All right bitches!

My creaking knees have reminded me that the Holiest of Holy Days is nigh upon us – Xmas in September!

Instead of belittling your ignorance and demanding your obedient consumerism to fulfill my desirous longing of music, movies, and miscellaneous crap, I’ve decided to forgo demanding the usual sacrifices. This year, let us meet, feast, drink, and have a good time! My sole birthday wish this year is to spend it in the company of good friends – let’s do it!

On the off chance that some of you are still longing to spoil my ass, I’ll take a Cristina Scabbia. Thanks.

Have Some Geekery

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As long time readers have noticed (all 3 of you, that is), everything is different. Very different. Indeed.

New design + Hacked WordPress theme made to work with MT4 = Aggravation.

I’ve used Movable Type since 2003, when I started posting crap on the web and dipped my toes in the blog pool. I loved it then. Those were simpler times as I zipped through posts with version 2.something. Version 3 came out. I snagged it and rode it out to 3.38 and stopped there. See, when MT4 came out I played with it, got a feel for it… and hated it. The overall back end slowness made me feel like I was being tortured. I work on server-class hardware that finishes doing what I tell it to do before I finish telling it what to do, so when I click a button I expect results. With MT4, I click a button and go work on my cold fusion generator, because that’ll be finished before MT loads a template editor.

Believe me, I tried to like it. I really did. I used it on the Cut Dave’s Hair site as well as the I/O site. And there’s a reason neither of those two sites saw a great deal of me. CDH saw infrequent updates and I/O hasn’t seen an update since last year and that was only because I was hoping someone passing by would see the post and offer up advice because slow system response time killed my love affair with Movable Type.

Despite that, I pressed ahead with MT when I started tearing down the walls around here. I found this theme, but it was only a WordPress theme. And then I found it had been converted to an MT theme and I rejoiced. Three plugins later (Three! TO LOAD A THEME!) I had a blog that looked how I wanted. And then while testing, I discovered I had no comments. Now, I don’t really give a shit one way or the other if someone is going to post comments. I leave that ability in place in case someone feels like showing the internet how big of a douche bag asshole they can be. Because it amuses me. Lack of an easy way to apply this theme and have working comments made me pack my bags, download WordPress, grab the archive for this theme, and voila! Here we are.

Here’s where the sad part comes in…

I spent about 2 hours poring over everything in MT I could think of checking to make comments work. That’s after an initial setup that took about 30 minutes for me to get everything “just right”.

WordPress was up, configured, themed, and rolling in 10 minutes.

The lesson here, boys and girls, is if you want to implement any kind of blogging solution on a website – use WordPress. If you’re a masochist who’s looking for a less messy alternative to ripping out your toenails while simultaneously stuffing a rabid badger up your ass, just to have a good time – use Movable Type.

Fresh Start

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It was time. Time to blow it all away – all 7 years of ranting and raving. It had to go… It might have served as an interesting look at how someone changes over 7 years, but that doesn’t matter. Due to the last 3 years, I couldn’t really rant the way I needed to. And if I couldn’t rant about current events, I figured why leave up the old rants? Gone are the naive ramblings of a constantly pissed-off bitter individual.

Oh, I still get pissed off. The difference now is, most of the time I let it go almost as soon as it rolls in. There’s no point in being pissed off all the time. It doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t fix the problem. There are some things that have me doing a constant slow burn – but they can’t be changed and so I accept them and work with them. There are some people that I can’t stand to be around. I ignore them, except for the brief points in time I have to interact with them. Outside of that, they don’t exist to me. They have no place in my reality. As weird as it sounds, it actually works.

So this is my fresh start. I’m done dwelling on the past and what could’ve been and I refuse to set unrealistic expectations about the future. Living in the now, taking each day as it comes, putting one foot in front of the other – these are the things I do. This is how I live my life. Expect infrequent random ramblings. Maybe a picture here or there. Basically – whatever strikes my fancy…

See you around.